I built Zirrus back in 2006 to try and tackle the problem of to-do overload in a novel way that might work better for people like me than the options out there at the time. I’m still proud of it—the solution I came up with, the fact that I built a modern, smoothly-working (mostly) web application, and the thousands of people who took an interest when I launched it.

But Zirrus has languished, and times have changed. Making it work on modern web browsers would probably require a complete rewrite. Meanwhile, mobile devices have transformed the way we interact with the Internet and organize our lives. More importantly, my thinking about what makes a great productivity tool has changed.

Productivity continues to fascinate me; if you’re interested in how my thinking has evolved, check out Stky, my to-do app for iPhone. It’s designed to help you keep the chaos of overflowing to-do lists under control, in a way Zirrus couldn’t.

I will be taking Zirrus down on Wednesday, August 13. If you’re a Zirrus user and would like a copy of your data, I can send you a spreadsheet — just email me.

It’s always sad to have to dismantle a product, and I appreciate your patience and understanding. Thanks to everyone who gave Zirrus a try, and especially those who sent me feedback over the years. I hope you’ll give Stky a shot.



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