About Operation Project

We bring the Web to life by cutting through the clutter, connecting you with the people and things that matter most. (Kidding, kidding. Still defining our product.)

Actually, Operation Project is a tech startup based in San Francisco and founded by Dave Feldman. We really don’t know what we’re building yet, but we’re hard at work figuring that out. It will probably be a consumer internet product and it will almost certainly start on your mobile device.

About Dave Feldman

Dave Feldman is a product designer with a background in user experience, product management, and front-end development. He is a veteran of AOL, where he led the successful relaunch of TechCrunch.com; and Yahoo!, where he managed the design team for Yahoo! Messenger.

Dave is a native of Ithaca NY, graduate of Harvard University, and longtime Boston resident. For the past five years he’s lived in San Francisco and thinks he’ll stay. For more detail visit his LinkedIn Profile or Twitter stream.