Stky Update: Lower Price, Bumping, Badging

Stky 1.1 DrawerSince I released Stky in June I’ve been thrilled by the response. Its novel approach to task management and simplicity have been a hit! Here are a few of the comments I’ve received:

“Fits just the way I get organized in the morning.”

“The concept behind Stky is ingenious and the execution is beautiful.”

“Really like it, and I like the little sounds too. They make me happy.”

Stky’s been covered in TechCrunch and named one of E-Junkie’s best apps of 2012.

It’s been especially gratifying to see how well such a simple concept works for so many people. But of course, there’s always room for improvement. With that in mind I’m pleased to announce Stky version 1.1! With this update I’m lowering the price to 99¢ USD and adding:

  • Much-improved iPhone 5 support.
  • Bump tasks to the top of your list using the arrow button in the swipe menu. Shake to undo.
  • The home screen icon now shows the number of tasks left on today’s sticky.
  • Bug fixes, look & feel tweaks, whatnot.

Get it while it’s hot!

Stky 1.1: Adding a taskStky 1.1: the daily sticky


Hi, got your app but it says that it will back up automatically, please explain....thanks